1. How can tickets be busy for train travel?
Ans: Indian rail presently gives after approaches to book tickets:
  • Reservation at track counters
  • Online reservation from
  • Reservation through enlisted executors and offices
2. How long before can a reservation be carried out?
Ans: Both the online and logged off mode of reservation begins 60 prior days the date of excursion.

3. What number of travelers might be busy in a solitary ticket/transaction?
Ans: A most extreme of 6 traveler for general and upto 4 traveler for tatkal.

4. Could mass booking be carried out through IRCTC?
Ans: No. Mass booking can not be carried out on the web.

5. How are installment made for online reservation? Ans: The accompanying modes are accessible:
  • Charge card
  • Check card
  • Portable/Net saving money
  • EMI/money card
6. I might want to exchange my ticket to a companion. What is the methodology? Ans: The rail ticket can't be exchanged to a companion. It could be exchanged to blood relations (counting father, mother, sibling, sister, child, girl, spouse or wife) just. For exchange of ticket, a provision must be submitted no less than 24 hours ahead of time of the booked takeoff of the train to the station director/boss reservation administrator.

7. The name on the ticket is mistaken. How would I get it remedied? Ans: It isn't possible once the ticket is saved. You have to physically drop the ticket and rebook once more.

8. My e-ticket got coincidentally erased from my mail account. In what manner would I be able to persuade an alternate duplicate to be sent to me? Ans: There is no office to resend the ticket as mail yet you can take the print of you ticket whenever. Simply visit what's more login to your record. There you go to the busy history segment and select the ticket and print. You can likewise enter the PNR number and print the ticket.

9. What is Tatkal? In what manner would I be able to get a Tatkal ticket?
Ans: The Tatkal is a plan propelled by The Indian Line for travelers who plan their voyage at short recognize. The Tatkal ticket could be busy one day ahead of time to the train venture, with booking beginning at 10 a.m.

10. What is the cancellation policy? What is the cancellation charge? 
Ans: A reserved ticket can be cancelled up to the charting of the train. The ticket can be cancelled from the cancellation section of the IRCTC page after login. A suitable charge will be deducted for the same. The cancellation charges are as follows:
24 hrs before the departure of the train Rs.120/- for AC First Class/Executive Class, Rs.100/- for AC 2 Tier/First Class, Rs. 90 for AC 3 Tier/AC Chair car/ AC 3 Economy, Rs.60/- for Sleeper Class and Rs.30/- for Second Class.
Within 24 hrs and up to 4 hours before the scheduled departure of the train 25% of the fare
Less than 4 hours before the schedule departure of the train up to chart preparation of the train 50% of the fare

11. I drop a ticket, yet have not been discounted for the sum. How would I continue?
Ans: By and large it takes about 3-7 working days for the discount of the sum. On the off chance that no discount is made much following 7 working days, you ought to contact IRCTC Helpline:  011 39340000 or send a mail with the ticketing subtle elements to

12. Is it accurate to say that it is required to convey a Confirmation of Character while voyaging? What records might be utilized as; evidence of character"? Will a photocopy be sufficient?
Ans: Yes it is compulsory to convey an "Evidence of Character" while going in held class. The accompanying should be acknowledged as confirmation of personality:

Voter Photo identity card issued by Election Commission of India.
PAN Card issued by Income Tax Department
Driving Licence issued by RTO
Photo identity card having serial number issued by Central/State Government
Student Identity Card with photograph issued by recognized School/College for their students
Nationalized Bank Passbook with photograph
Credit cards issued by banks with laminated photograph
Unique Identification Card Aadhaar.
Photo identity cards having serial number issued by Public Sector Undertaking of State/Central Government, District Administration, Municipal bodies and Penchant Administration

Just validated photocopy of apportion card with photo and nationalized bank passbook with photos. No other Photocopy
will be acknowledged.

13. By what method would I be able to take a print out of the ticket on the off chance that I have the PNR?
Ans: For an E-ticket you can take the re-print of your ticket in your site itself. Click on print area and enter your PNR to print.

14. Does Indian Route offer any rebate for gathering booking?
Ans: No.

15. Does Indian Route offer any rebate for senior natives?
Ans: Yes.
Men over 60 yrs: 40% of aggregate sum.
Ladies over 58 yrs: half of aggregate sum.

16. In what capacity would I be able to reschedule a current reservation? What is the methodology and what are the charges?
Ans: No, you can't reschedule any current reservation. You have to cross out them physically and store ticket for a few days ago alternately for other train.

17. What is Shatabdi express?
Ans: Shatabdi Express prepares are an arrangement of quick (called superfast in India) traveler trains worked by Indian Tracks to interface Metro urban areas with different urban communities imperative for tourism, journey or business. The Shatabdi are among the speediest prepares in India and the Indian Lines considers them as prestigious. They have a normal rate of something like 130 km/h (81 mph). As of now there are 22 shatabdi prepares under operation.

18. Can I bring a pet alongside me on the train? What is the procedure?
Ans:  A traveler can bring pet alongside him in air conditioning Top of the line or Top notch just, gave he/she holds either a two billet or a four compartment only for his/her utilize, paying the due charges relying on the kind of train. Travelers going in different classes are not allowed to convey the pet alongside them. In any case the pet might be busy and conveyed in the Baggage/Brake Van paying the charges relying on the sort of train. Uniquely composed Boxes are accessible in the Brake Van for this reason. Travelers may contact the Bundle Office to book their pet.

19. I busy tickets however abruptly the page detached and the sum has been deducted from my record. I don't have any data if my ticket is busy. If its not too much trouble prompt.
Ans: In such case first check the busy tickets history in your login. Discover whether any connection is accessible in the Fizzled Installments. On the off chance that nothing is there, inside 3 working days, your cash would be discounted.

20. I might want to know the name of the traveler against a PNR?
Ans: No it is impractical to know the name of a traveler against a PNR. It's a criminal offense in INDIA.

21. Instructions to I pay pending sum because of admission build?
Ans: The TTE ready for going to gather the due sum. Bear in mind to gather the receipt for the installment.

22. What happens to the reservations that did not get affirmed? Will those get crossed out consequently or do I have to cross out them physically? Is so inside what time span?
Ans: Any unverified ticket will be consequently drop and the sum will be discounted to the record through which the installment was made. An incompletely affirmed or RAC ticket needs to be crossed out physically.

23. I did a mass booking for my gang. Will every one of us be allocated together in the same mentor throughout billet duty?
Ans: It is not important that the whole traveler will be allocated in the same mentor. It relies on upon the accessibility of the seats.

24. What are RAC tickets? Will I load up the train with a RAC ticket?
Ans: RAC remains for Reservation Against Retraction. You will be furnished with sitting convenience at first and apportioned a billet (if there should arise an occurrence of travelers not turning up) in the train. You can load up the train with a RAC ticket.

25. The most effective method to drop e-ticket in the wake of graphing?
Ans: Once the outline is ready, dropping is possible just through TDR (Ticket Store Receipt) process. Discount endorsed
for TDR will be discounted once more to the client account before 90 days.

26. My ticket is RAC in the wake of graphing and I don't and to travel. Will I get the complete discount for scratch-off?
Ans: In such case the traveler ought to record a TDR on the web.

27. Is halfway scratch-off accessible for e-ticket?
Ans: Yes. Simply go to and visit the booking area. Click on wipe out choice and select the ticket. In the following step you would be asked to select the travelers to scratch off the ticket of.

28. What is the administration charge for booking e-ticket?
Ans: Rs.10 for booking SL and 2s class and Rs. 20 for rest all classes (1a, 2a, 3a, FC, CC).

29. Can Reservation be carried out utilizing Versatile?
Ans: Yes utilizing IRCTC portable (Beta Variant).

30. What is IRCTC portable?
Ans: IRCTC portable is a remarkable secure transaction answer for booking ticket through cellular telephones. They are busy utilizing Portable Web. It has an easy to understand interface and the installment is possible utilizing Plastic, Mastercard or portable keeping money.

31. Where can the station code be found?
Ans: Client can discover station codes from Arrangement My Travel page of IRCTC. While booking the name of station and station code show up naturally in a drop-box in the wake of writing 3 letters in order.

32. Is it accurate to say that it is sheltered to give the charge card number?
Ans: IRCTC is a Verisign confirmed site, so all the transaction is secured by Verisign. The passwords are transmitted through a 128bit SSL secured way. The site doesn't store the Mastercard subtle elements. All the transactions are taken care of specifically by Installment Doors.

33. How secure is my Secret key?
Ans: The Secret key is transmitted in restricted scrambled structure and is put away accordingly. The Secret word won't be known even to IRCTC.

34. By what means will I be repaid in the event that I was compelled to go in a lower class because of specialized slip like A.c disappointment and so on?
Ans: In such cases a Watchman Endorsement (GC) ought to be gotten from train superintendent, TTE, Protect and so on and sent alongside unique ticket to:

Indian Track Cooking and Tourism Enterprise Ltd.,
second Carpet, STC Building,
1, Tolstoy Marg,
New Delhi -110001

IRCTC will handle the case with the Discounts office of the station where the Train started. After confirmation, the discounts office endorses a discount which is sent to IRCTC. IRCTC then attributes it to your Visa/ ledger. This procedure may consume to 6 months for transforming.

35. Are bedrolls offered allowed to travelers going in air conditioning Mentors?
Ans: Yes bedrolls are given free of expense to travelers going in air conditioning 3, 2, 1 level and air conditioning five star.

36. Are cooking offices accessible in train locally available?
Ans. Yes. The majority of the trains have wash room auto offices. Cooking is likewise organized in trains where this office is definitely not accessible.

37. Is restorative aid accessible on trains?
Ans: A Medical aid BOX is accessible with the Train Monitors/Superintendents or Wash room Auto Chiefs. They are additionally prepared to give medical aid to travelers. If there should arise an occurrence of crisis the TTE ought to be approached with the goal that a message is gone to the Following station. In the event that hospitalization is needed, the traveler may need to suspend his adventure.

38. Is there any charge for utilizing the Holding up Room at a station?
Ans. Holding up rooms are accessible at all significant stations. They could be utilized free of expense upon the creation of the Ticket.

39. What is the up degree plan?
Ans. On the off chance that a settlement is accessible in the higher class after diagram readiness, the full paying clients are moved up to higher class to fill in the empty seats for no additional charge.

40. By what method can the sheets station be changed?
Ans. Yes. You have to visit the closest station and submit an appeal to the station expert.