Ticket Status Explained

Indian Railways permits advance reservation generally up to sixty days ahead of the travel date. If you book early, there will be chance of obtaining a confirmed berth. The coach and berth numbers are going to be indicated on the price ticket itself. If confirmed berth isn't on the market, you'll get a price ticket with RAC or WL standing.

RAC stands for Reservation Against Cancellation, and it means you do not have a reserved berth, however you've got sitting accommodation within the train and sophistication of your selection. there's an opening this can be regenerate to a berth once it becomes on the market because of moment cancellations nearer to travel date. RAC price ticket holders will board the train and square measure seated within the 2 aspect chairs. If a berth is accessible because of cancellation, then one RAC holder can get the berth, and therefore the different RAC holder will convert the 2 aspect chairs into a berth.

Tickets with WL or Wait List standing aren't bonded any berth or sitting accommodation. they'll be accommodated given that adequate confirmed or RAC price ticket holders cancel their reservation. the quantity of WL tickets square measure determined by railway officers, and once a most range of wait listed tickets have reached, the ticketing system refuses from now on requests and responds with REGRET standing. you can't purchase a price ticket with REGRET standing.

The RAC/WL tickets can have 2 numbers WL20/W15, WL12/RAC10 etc. The primary range shows the price ticket standing after you first purchased it, and therefore the second range shows this position. thus WL20/W15 means after you purchased the price ticket you were on wait list twenty, and there have been five cancellations then your current wait list standing has improved to fifteen.

You can check if your RAC/WL standing has improved by victimization the 10-digit PNR range on the highest left corner of the Indian Railways price ticket. you'll check this on-line simply by visiting Find PNR Status or the Indian Railways web site.

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